What in the world is normal?

In my search for healing a question came up. I knew that what I had experienced previously, was wrong because I knew how messed up I was really was. It was evident and I couldn’t hide from it any longer because it affected me massively in every day life. It got bad enough for me […]


Not all people are created equal and that includes “neurotypicals” and people with autism spectrum disorder. I dislike the word neurotypical and that gave me a lot of trouble when I was trying to navigate out of the “victim” and “rescuer” mindset of Karpman’s triangle. What also gave me some trouble is Maxine Ashton’s and […]


Jealousy, pride and fear are three of the things we tend to fall into without realizing it.  There are times when we will feel those things but they should not determine our actions and thoughts.  We should recognize those three things when they are working in us.  Those feelings can be used against us to […]

Why do we do what we do? part 1

I’m at home and watching TV.  My spouse asks me to get something off the top shelf.  I’m busy watching TV though and don’t want to get up and do that right now.  Instead of helping out, I yell and scream that “I’m watching TV.  Why can’t you understand that?!”  I continue to watch TV.  […]

Whose fault is it anyway?

Do you ever wonder why you never get what you want?  Do you wonder why you’re picked on all the time?  Do you wonder why bad things happen to you and it seems like it never happens to anyone else?  Sometimes I felt like Charlie Brown from Peanuts who would always say “Good grief” when […]